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Free iPhone RPG: Yipe!
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Are you ready to save the King's royal stamp collection? Battle monsterswith no hands? Track down the devious culprit of the man eating plants?
You'll find treasures that include delicious healing cheese-burgers, waterproof shoe spray and of course more gold than you could ever imagine!
Start saving the world of Yipe! today...

"I swear I'm not addicted to your game or anything :)"

-Whit J., Yipe addict

"Thanks! This is exactly the stress relief I need - just a little trip back to the good old days of PC roleplay."

-Ryan K.

"Three cheers for the mediocre king with weird priorities!"

-Michael S.

Yipe! V Web App

Attack of Idle Hands

An epic new RPG playable in your browser of choice, featuring simple yet uncanny gameplay... to provide you hours of escape form the drudgery of your own despair! New web version released in 2021!

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by L1QU1D - Version 1.1

Dec 18, 2009

The absolute best old school RPG in the app store!

Yipe! III

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