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Please never stop making Yipe! games! -Daniel V.

By the way, thanks for creating this game. I know you did it years and years ago, but thank you anyways. Maybe 20 years ago as a kid I played this with my big brother and it was one of my first games of the type. Love it. Trying to start the adventure over. -Pat

The other day, out of the blue, I suddenly remembered the name of your game, which I loved when I was a kid. I was amazed that it did not only still exist on the web, but was available even for Windows now. -Audun B.

Yipe is one of the reasons I decided to get into development and I wanted to revisit it for the sake of nostalgia. -David K.

I'm impressed to find another old Mac game site still up and running! I played the demo of Yipe 3 a few times as a kid and loved it, but by the time I had the ability to buy games for myself I didn't have a good way to run "classic" Mac programs. Now I have Yipe 1, 2 and 3 running on an emulator, and would like to finally beat 'em properly! - Sarah K.

Thank you and I can't wait to starting playing again. Its a great game even today in 2018. -Sam D.

Honestly, I am a Yipe! III enthusiast. I originally found it as shareware when I was a kid through a software distribution periodical called "Software of the Month Club". My brother and I played countless games, and only three stick in my memory, though that was almost 20 years ago now I imagine. The three games are Galactica (v1.1.2), Escape Velocity (absolutely legendary game), and (of course), Yipe! III. Please, let me fulfill a lifelong dream. Let me play the full version. I love Yipe! III; it's a masterpiece. -Will R.

It's been a blast to play through again and I can't wait to complete the full version for the first time. -Andy I.

I'm a big fan of the Yipe games dating back to the mid 90s playing Yipe 3 on an old LCII. I had noticed Yipe 5 in the App Store and grabbed it immediately and it took me back to those days! -Beau H.

I never expected the game to Still have support 11 years on! Unbelievable :L -Jason S.

Todays, my son is playing with me! He really enjoy all Yipe! adventures! (He is with 9 years and knows the game since he has 6). I'd like to thank you for this treasure of games, that gives me good memories and can share it with my son today! -Daiana L.

I started playing Yipe in the 90's and now my kids are thoroughly hooked on it too. - Dana C.

It was a fun game in my childhood, but as a kid I never had the means to make a payment, so I would replay it and replay it without ever beating the game. Now's my chance to fulfill my childhood dream!! - Alex D.

I figured out how to run classic mac games on my laptop, and Yipe is the best part of my nostalgia kick so far! - Abby K.

I keep my OS 9.2 mac running for only yipe play - John S.

Three cheers for the mediocre king with weird priorities! - Michael S.

I would like to congratulate you on making a game still fun after 10 years. - Rupert E.

My name's Chris. I'm just writing about your games to say that they're awesome and the fact that they're entertaining and fun to use even today is a testament to the power of decent gameplay and _fun_ over advanced graphics and glossy environments aimed to shock and awe for 8 hours and then get deleted.
Your games Yipe II and III were a big part of my early gaming life, and I loved both of them. - Chris B.

Thanks. I look forward to finally completing Yipe 3. I remember playing it a few years ago and really enjoying it. You did a great job on these games and have really created something that is truly entertaining. - Jameson M.

I have just bought your Yipe Games! After searching for years on variations like yippee! yahoo! with no success, it suddenly came back to me... yipe! and google found you. I'd remember those bunnies and the knight pictures anywhere. I first got your game free with macformat when I was about 10 years old and I fell in love with it. Now 10 years or so later I had to find it again! and I'm so glad I did. Its amazing fun for something so simple. - Edward R

Damn you for making such an addicting game. Thanks! This is exactly the stress relief I need - just a little trip back to the good old days of PC roleplay. :) - Ryan K

I forgot to add -- I thought Yipe III was awesome!  I haven't really played games much since the 80's, when I was addicted to Ultima III on my IBM PC.  I had a blast playing Yipe! and it took me way back.  Thanks! - Patrick W

If you do make another one please let me know. I'll be the first in line to buy it :) - Patty

Two weeks ago, I would have bet you any amount of money that there wasn't an RPG- or Adventure-type game in the world that I would have any interest in playing. I'd have lost. - Margaret S

7/24/2006 (I thought this one was pretty funny)
Yipe!, the entire series, has to have the worst graphics ever, but it has major potential with gameplay. Worth the $15. - Tommy V

Your games are cool and strangely addictive. Thanks! - Kirk B

Great game, by the way. Reminds me quite a bit of the first NES Final Fantasy mixed a little with Legend of Zelda. Have a great day - Robert P

Im a 17 year old gamer that now plays Counterstrike, World of Warcraft, along with a ton of online poker like yourself. When I was about 12 or so my brother had found Yipe III with its counterparts, and decided to downloaded. At the time, the only computer we had was a Mac, and since little games came out for it at the time, Yipe seemed really fun. I don't know what it was, but it was just a simple game that was so basic it was great. Now I just realized I hadn't played it in years, and thought about downloading it for my PC. It has this appeal that is just so fun. Mostly Yipe III and Yipe II, but a little of each. I was just wondering when/if you're making a Yipe IV. If you did, I would definitely spend $ to register it. Best regards! -Trevor S.

I've played your series back when I was a kid in the 90's on the mac..the game itself is so simple, yet great....Keep up the great work. Semir

Just to let you know, you've created probably the most addicting game, it passes countless hours at work, and the sound effects when you kill things, cracks me up, thanks again for a game that wastes away so many countless hours. Kyle.

Just had to drop a line and tell you how much I enjoyed the Yipe games! Just finished the last one and was sorry to see it end. I have to tell you I didn't expect to enjoy this game as much as this as I'm a AD&D Dungeon and Dragon player. But I was bored with Solitaire and along came your game. I certainly would recommend it to anyone suffering from boredom from the usual games. I tried 6 different games when I tried yours. Please let me know if you plan on doing another! This would be a great game to pass time at work or whatever. Sincerely, Mary

It remains an endearing game. I can't explain exactly why, but we had a great time starting out on the adventure once again this Thanksgiving, and we've been having a lot of fun with it. You've done a great job. Thanks. Robin

Thanks Kevin! My friends just completed the game!and told me he feels like the hero of the entire world. The hints were a massive help and I am very grateful. When is Yipe 4 coming out?! Thanks for the hours of fun. Take Care Susan

I was completely awestruck on how a single person, with maybe only a few friends helping him, could creat such an addicting masterpiece. only know that your my idol, man.

Thanks for the great game. Its nice to play some old style games that are nice for someone like myself that works and yet still wants an RPG game.

I have been playing (and enjoying!) the Yipe! series ever since 1996. I was just 10 years old at the time, but I spent hours on the original Yipe! and loved every minute of it. When Yipe! II was released, I pulled my very first all-nighter playing computer games. *tear* Oh, what nostalgia.. So, the biggest possible "thank you" for porting the games to Windows, and even bigger thank yous for creating the games in the first place. They provided endless hours of entertainment for me, and hold a very fond place in my heart. Best of luck, -Matthew

I didnt know how else to put it. You took my new custome PC and turned it into to my Power Mac 6205. This game was one of the first i ever played other than solitare. Now all i can do is pray for a "Yipe! IV." Honestly, good work with this game, you deserve any praise.

Yaaaaaaaaaaay, Yipe III [for Windows] is here! I got this message at my work account first, and it made my day. As I told you before, this game saved my sanity when I was recovering from surgery. You can quote me, if you choose to put a "Testimonials" section on your site. :-) Take care. Shelley

I have been playing pokemon and Dragon Warrior Monsters lately, and realized that there is so much one can do with this game. Just an idea to keep up with the times, but still, yipe is by far my favorite macintosh game of all time!!! See Ya! Nights Dreamer :-)

I should have writen this email like, YEARS ago, but I never got around to it. I just want to tell you I have been playing Quest of Yipe! for about, oh, I want to say 6 years of so, maybe more, I'm not too sure. It's moved through four computers, many states, and has kept me from going insane through highschool and college. It has been a great tool for procrastination, and just a general stress releiver. I love the game. Thank you for creating the game, please let me register mine. Mad Love, Margaret

Once again, thank you for the work you do. this is great stuff. please continue doing this kind of work. i also appreciate the humor. very much my style. thanks, chris


Note from Kevin: Wish I had saved emails from before 2002. I picked a handful of the ones since then (as you can see above). Maybe I can dig through the registration letters I received in the mail, as I've got all of those since the very beginning. :)