Available for Classic Mac OS and Most Windows OS

The Story...

The town of Yipe! is a peaceful town Town of Yipe! high up in the mountains. Unfortunately the surrounding world is not always that friendly. There are many caves Cave Entrance throughout the world which are normally used for exploring and adventure. In the past few months evil monsters Mouth Man have started coming up from the caves and attacking the citizens.

The King has come to you Yipe! Player for help. Recently the King's rare stamp Rare Stamp! collection was stolen. He believes the sudden increase in the monster population Plant Monster and his missing stamps are no coincidence. The King tells you to start exploring the cave right next to the town to start looking for clues as to where his precious stamps are.

On a side note, all of the King's daughters Yipe! Princess are missing. He thinks some may have been kidnapped, some might be lost, while others may have just run away. He will reward Treasure Chest you greatly if you could return all the princesses back to the castle.


The Features...

  • A world many times larger than Yipe! I or II.
  • More monsters Evil Weasel than ever... Plus a feature that will allow people to create and distribute their own monster files. 
  • Learn special abilities that can be used in combat, like Backstab or Invisibility.
  • Avoid wall spikes Sharp Spike! , pits, warps, and other obstacles out to get your character. 
  • Ride a raft across the waters to find secret treasure chests. 
  • Talk to a gatekeeper Gatekeeper that controls the underworld.
  • Register your high score on the Yipe! III High Scores Web Page
  • Yipe! II was known for its humorous concept. In Yipe! III choose to play on either normal or silly mode. 
  • Yipe! III also offers a manual/hintbook that will tell detailed game information as well as how to find some of those hard to reach princesses and how to create your own monster file.
  • Check out the Yipe! III Screen shots!!

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