Ye olde Yipe! news (circa 2006 and older)

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7/6/06: Was playing around with Google's new Checkout feature for my real job and decided to see if I could use it here for Yipe! registrations. I have a few gripes, but it's now on my PC registration page. We'll see if it lasts after I receive my first registration...

4/1/06: Addeded a comments page. View what others have had to say about the Yipe! games here: Yipe! Comments.

5/01/05: Not much going on. But, I figured I'd let you all know what does take up all my time:
Mostly I'm at work. My company, Auctiva, works on the following sites: -- A site to bid on eBay items at the last second.

eBay auction tools at Free Auction Tools -- Tools for managing, posting items (with templates, image hosting, etc) to eBay, for eBay sellers. You can actually even find a picture of me if you browse around the Auctiva site. :)

3/10/04: Moved from CNC webhosting to Yahoo webhosting. Hope everything transfers over okay. :)
Let's add a Yahoo counter for fun. Woo! Counter

11/23/03: Updated high scores pages!
Also updated some of the Yipe! III pages.

11/11/03: Yipe! III for Windows is officially released on!!
Get it from CNET!

11/7/03: For those loyal Yipe! fans who have been checking the news page on a regular basis... I am going to release Yipe! III for windows early. Instead of having to wait for CNET to publish Yipe! III to their site, you can go ahead and download Yipe! III for Windows right here. Choose either one of the following options to download your copy of Yipe! III.
Yipe! III with installer: Download here (Link removed, please use above link)
Yipe! III in a zip file: Download here (Link removed, please use above link)

If you need to register for Yipe! III for Windows online, click here.

11/6/03: Added a Yipe! III for Windows screen shot. Try clicking on the Yipe! III tab to get to it...
Estimated % done: Waiting for CNET to approve the game for downloading.

10/26/03: Potential new version with fixes for XP and ME drawing problems is released. Also fixed all the bug reports I've had since phase 2 beta-testing started.
Estimated % done: 99% (100% if I don't get any major bug reports.)

10/9/03: Okay... I realize you all hate me now. You've probably started to wonder if my whole estimated done % count was just a big hoax. However, I really am done with the game and only have the one problem of drawing graphics on ME and XP opperating systems. I've spent some time here and there looking into the problem and haven't figured anything out yet. But this is also partially due to not having a computer with XP or ME for me to test on without going to a friends house. However, that has now changed. So, hopefully this weekend I can finally get this problem fixed (not that you believe anything on my news page anymore).
Estimated % done: 99%

8/21/03: Beta-testers have found a bug with drawing bitmaps on ME and XP operating systems. I will be fixing this over the weekend.
Other last minute things I'll be finishing over the weekend: Adding the 'Score code' so people can send in high scores for the website. Adding a way for users to edit their own monster images. (I might not finish this, but I'm okay with releasing the game without this feature).
Estimated % done: 99%

8/14/03: Yipe! III for Windows has been released to the beta-testers. So far it's looking pretty solid. Public release should be within a week.
Estimated % done: 99%

7/14/03: The past month was pretty hectic for me. My company went to Florida for the eBay Live convention. So, lot's of work getting ready for that and then a week of time spent in Florida kept me from doing anything Yipe! related. Yesterday I finally got back to working on Yipe!. Got the help info, credits, silly/normal mode toggle, and other minor things done.
Estimated % done: 95%

On another note... Yipe! III for the Mac just received 5 out of 5 stars from Check out the Misc. Yipe! page for more info.

6/9/03: Yipe! III for Windows is getting close!! I can't even remember everything that I've finished since the last update. I'll just mentioned a few of the things that I have left to do. Help, About Box, and Credits dialogs. Monster Sounds. The end of game sequence and a couple other end of game things. A way to edit preferences, i.e., walking sound, silly mode, and pattern for backgrounds. Hmm, I'm sure there are a few other things as well. If I get some work done during the week, I could enter beta-testing Phase II by the weekend.
Estimated % done: 92%

5/27/03: Items completed since last update: Entire water cave is finished. Custom keys can now be defined for combat. Positions of combat and spells windows are now saved when moved. High scores are now saved and displayed in the Yipe! III format. Fixed some minor bugs Eric found.
Estimated % done: 85%

5/19/03: Completed Special Abilities features, updated Add level and Intro windows and got some background pattern stuff working.
And the most time consuming thing I finished was the Boats in the water cave. Also fixed all the bugs that Eric sent me.
Beta testing phase 1 is currently going on. This consists of 1 person, my buddy Eric J., who has found quite a few bugs here and there.
Beta testing phase 2 will start in 1-2 weeks. This consists of a group of existing beta-testers that I used for Yipe! II for Windows.
Estimated % done: 80%

5/11/03: After a few weeks of not making any progress I finally got some decent work done this past weekend. Got spells working (except for sounds for spells). Also got most of the new character setup dialogs finished. Added in about half of the Yipe! III monsters. Hmm, I think the Magic Hut is finished as well. (I'll have to double check that though). I think I might have a beta version ready for beginning testing next week.
One other exciting thing, I got in touch with the artist for Yipe! III (Pat Kelley). Hopefully, we're going to add in a new area (with some new monsters) for Yipe! III. This new area will only be available on the Windows version for now. It will also go into the OSX version, which is the next project on my list after Yipe! III for Windows is finished.
Estimated % done: 72%

4/14/03: This past weekend I finished up Princesses, the King's Castle, Floor Traps and the healing shops. Making progress!! Working on Magic Hut and spells during the week.
Estimated % done: 65%

4/8/03: This past weekend I finally made some decent progress on Yipe! III for Windows. Got a lot of the combat code working. (The biggest part of that is actually all the user interface code for the combat window). Doors, wall spikes, the Gatekeeper and a couple other minor things are now finished as well.

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